Why Storage Together?

It’s simple, store in your community with trusted hosts and save money while it.

Save Money

Save up to 40% from traditional self storage

By storing with a trusted host in your community

Trusted Experience

Store with vetted hosts

Secure payments and item tracking

Simple Storage

Within minutes reserve your spot with local Hosts

Save money, by storing items with ease.

The premiere choice for self-storage


“I make a good amount of passive income from an otherwise empty room.”

-John Hamby


“Storage Together made storing my stuff easier than any other company could, I didn’t have to worry about it all.”

-Brittany Harms


“It’s a Simple way to make some extra cash, and help out a neighbor.”

Eddie Lodzinksi

Become A Host

Interested in making safe, easy, Passive income?

Apply to become a vetted host.

Make up to $5,000 with your empty garage!

The Journey

Storage Together started with a group of college students

at Grand Canyon University with a dream:

make the lives of those we have the privilege of impacting better.

We do it with one storage experience at a time.